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Most blog owners know that quality content helps their blogs gain rank and standing in their market. BackLinkMETRO serves you up free content AND we pay you for it! Any PR1+ WordPress site owner can monetize their site while getting free, keyword-rich blog content added automatically. By installing the BackLinkMETRO WordPress plugin, you earn monthly residual income for each Guest Post, Comment, and Contextual Link that you allow our system to place on your site.This content comes directly from other blog and site owners like yourself, who are willing to pay to place links and content on your blog in order to build thier own rank. Once you register your blog, the revenue stream builds, and money rolls in month after month. There is nothing for you to lose, and everything to gain!

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Make Money

Residual Income!

Earn credits for each new and existing Guest Post, Contextual Link, and Comment Link you choose to display on your site. BackLinkMETRO pays you a set price per credit earned. And, since earnings are based on your PageRank, each link will pay more as your site matures and your PageRank improves.

Individual Contextual and Comment Links

Your Site's Home PageRank Credits Accrued per Month for One Contextual or Comment link
PR 1 1
PR 2 5
PR 3 10
PR 4 20
PR 5 + 40

Article Posts (with maximum 2 backlinks and 1 YouTube link)

Your Site's Home PageRank Credits Accrued per Month for One Article Post
PR 1 2
PR 2 10
PR 3 20
PR 4 40
PR 5 + 80

Not only will you earn credits for each new link, but you will get paid every month for that same link as long as the link is displayed on your site. Add as many qualifying sites to our system as you choose and multiply your income.

The money adds up fast, and the sooner you get started, the more money you will make!

Get Paid

Get Paid Three Ways

Through your BackLinkMETRO control panel, you have the option to accept one or all three of our content link types: Guest Posts, Contextual Links added to your existing posts, and Comment links added to your existing posts. Guest Posts are full-length posts which add value to your site while attracting search engine spiders with rich keywords and fresh free blog content. Contextual Links automatically turn existing article keywords into backlinks which enhance your site's page rank and relative value in the eyes of the major search engines. Comments make your site appear more active to visitors and spiders.


Once you Install Our Plugin, Sit Back and Relax!

Subscribing as a publisher with BackLinkMETRO takes virtually no time to maintain. Simply install the BackLinkMETRO plugin on your Wordpress site, choose which link types you wish to accept, the types of content you prefer, and the system does the rest. You automatically receive fresh content and earn recurring residual income month after month. Easy as that.

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