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Improve Rankings Through Inbound Links

Research shows and search engine experts agree that the ranking of your web site is mostly dependent on the quality and quantity of links back to your site. Google, Yahoo and Bing assume that the more and better links you have to your site is a vote for your site's value and quality. Each inbound link is considered a "vote" for your site, and the importance of each vote is determined by a number of factors including publisher PageRank, content relevance, and anchor text. BackLinkMETRO is designed to give your site a collection of natural links to improve your rankings and save you 95% of the time and effort it takes to accomplish the same by hand.

BackLinkMETRO's automated link building service is an easy and inexpensive way to create quality inbound links from a collection of diverse, relevant websites that actually want your content. With 3 types of links available and powerful scheduling functionality, it has never been easier to create and automate your link building efforts.

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The Natural Pattern that Search Engines Look For

Schedule your link building. BackLinkMETRO's innovative guest blog submission and link creation software provides a scheduling function that creates links over time, the natural way. If you go out and buy 1000 links somewhere and have them appear overnight, the search engines will not only ignore the new links, your position will likely get penalized. Natural and organic links come to your site over time, and that is the way our software delivers them. Set the schedule and let our software do the rest. And to increase the variety, you get a diversity of link options: links from your article posts, comment links and contextual links from existing blog posts (posts that YOU don't need to write!).

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You Set the Budget

We provide a great selection of high quality links and a lot of new links every day. BackLinkMETRO's monthly pricing model allows you to spread your budget over sites of varying page rank. You pay only for the number of links you need and for the time period you need them. Rather than paying more for "permanent" links that will fall off and you have no way to track, links are "leased" on a monthly basis to ensure that you ONLY pay for active links on websites with the PageRank you select.

Membership Level Number of Credits Cost per Month
Basic Membership 1,000 $49
       (equivalent to 50 PR3 links for a month-can be used over as many sites as you desire, see chart below)
Advanced Membership 5,000 $149
       (equivalent to 250 PR3 links for a month-can be used over as many sites as you desire, see chart below)
SEO Elite Membership 25,000 $499
       (equivalent to 1250 PR3 links for a month-can be used over as many sites as you desire, see chart below)

Each link from a PR1 site is one credit. As you can see by the charts below, credits go a long way with BackLinkMETRO (As an example, an advertiser can place a guest post on fifty PR3 blogs for a month for just $49.  It won’t take very long before you see positive results in your search rank with these coveted natural links). Our low prices make it easy to blast out hundreds or even thousands of PR 1 links, pick and choose higher PR links, or mix and match based on your personal link-building strategy (we recommend an optimal mix to our advertisers who subscribe). We offer three types of placements: contextual links in existing posts, comment backlinks on existing posts , and guest post articles that you supply. Guest posts may contain up to two unique backlinks, and one Youtube link, as well as the ability to include custom content and keywords specific to your SEO needs (we also explain to our subscribers the best way to write posts to accommodate Google's Panda and Penguin updates). These guest posts are the foundation of sound backlinking, and unlike some other services that re-sell your article content to other advertisers for further contextual backlinking, BackLinkMETRO protects your articles in their original form, ensuring clean content that points ONLY where YOU want it.

Individual Backlinks (Contextual Links and Comment Links)

Host PageRank Credit cost per month
PR 1 1
PR 2 5
PR 3 10
PR 4 20
PR 5 + 40

Guest Post Articles (2 backlinks, 1 Youtube link, custom content and keywords)

Host PageRank Credit cost per month
PR 1 2
PR 2 10
PR 3 20
PR 4 40
PR 5 + 80

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