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You know that backlinks are critical to search engine position. But it is time-consuming and costly to get quality back links through guest posting. One way to speed up the process of obtaining backlinks is to buy them. But Google warns they have many ways to detect purchased backlinks and warns not to purchase backlinks. We have a better alternative. Don't buy backlinks, simply automate your back link building. That's what we do at BacklinkMETRO.

BacklinkMETRO is a new type of link building system that eliminates the following to place guest posts and build natural comment and contextual backlinks. You no longer need to:

  • look for publishers that will accept guest posts
  • email each publisher
  • write a unique post for each
  • wait for your post to get accepted (hopefully)
  • hire cheap link building sources that will hurt your rank
  • use software that will indiscriminately place links on poor quality or even penalized sites

BacklinkMETRO allows you to automate building quality back links by submitting your content or links to a network of blogs and have dozens accept your content and link requests. Your post is distributed gradually, just as you would do it by hand. Rather than devoting hours each week to the above steps, you write ONE post and we do the rest for less than 1/10 of what your time is worth. Your posts appear to Google exactly as if they were placed manually. Blog publishers get the benefits of a library of content and payment for the page rank they have already established for you. You can also build links without writing a post as described on our ADVERTISERS page.

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Where are your links placed?

Blog owners willing to accept your links have independently registered for Backlinkmetro. We have no ownership of their blogs or prior relationship. So your posts and links are spread across a collection of unrelated blogs just as if you had contacted each blog owner independently. Except, you don't have to. Unlike closed blog networks that are all owned by the same source and can leave a footprint for Google, our publishers come and go creating an ever-changing collection of blogs on which your links appear.

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2nd tier backlinks

2nd Tier Backlinks for EACH Post You Place!

For Advertisers who register and fund their account this month, we will create FOURTEEN 2nd tier backlinks to each article post you place with our system at no additional cost. We know of no other service that offers this type of SEO support for your first tier backlinks, and the multiplied power of 2nd tier backlinks pumps SEO juice to your money site like no other method! So if you place 1000 links, we place 14 THOUSAND 2nd tier backlinks on your behalf for FREE! Read why these are critical to your SEO strategy.

Target Backlinks

Our Goal

BackLinkMETRO was designed with one thing in mind: help you improve your page rank and increase traffic to your site. Whether you are a guest blogger or site owner looking to improve ranking, or a blog owner who wants new quality content and a monthly income stream, our system delivers. With 3 different types of backlinks available (Guest Posts, Contextual Links, and Comment Links), natural scheduling, and pricing for guests posters that provides an instant return on investment in time and effort saved.

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Increase SEO

Higher Search Engine Position for Guest Bloggers

In as little as a few weeks, BackLinkMETRO can improve your search engine position using state of the art link creation software. We partner with high quality, high profile blogs across the web, allowing you to quickly move your website up the food chain, increase traffic, and overall search engine visibility. Check out our BackLinkMETRO Advertiser page for more information.

Make Money

Publishers of Posts Earn Monthly Recurring Income

Quality WordPress Publishers with high PageRank are fundamental to the BackLinkMETRO system. For this reason, we take good care of our Publishers and offer only quality content from those who supply guest posts. Publishers earn monthly recurring revenue for every Article Post, Contextual Link, or Comment placed on their blogs. And unlike some competitors, as a Publisher with BackLinkMETRO you’ll know exactly how much each credit you earn is worth. We have a flat credit exchange rate, so you can count on the payout each and every month, with no guessing or waiting to find out what your share will be. The more blogs you register, the more money you make, and as your blog network grows and matures, your earnings do to!

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